A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a first step.

Every life is an adventure: sail the skies with all the fantasy you have..

A set design–furniture for adventurous journeys. An air bed to fly every day and every night. Cloud bookcases to keep great ideas.

Airplane bed

Main element is airplane bed,  dimensions cm 233×160 with the possibility of having a wing or double depending on the space available, recommended mattress 80×180.

The structure is made of 15 mm poplar plywood with a joint system and equipped with fixing bolts.

The wing acts as a desk, or it can be used as a seat for parents who want to tell the bedtime story and it is also a practical container.

The bed has two practical container drawers and led lights for reading.

The experience of assembling something magical and unique together will make your child’s bedroom even more special.

All the pieces of the bed will arrive in a flat pack

Flight licence for gift!

Nuvola bookcase

Nuvola bookcase dimensions cm 120x30x30.

It is made of 8 mm plywood and is fitted with a simple joint system.

It allows you to expose books also frontally to give children the opportunity to choose their story to read.