How it works

Kiddin is a line of scenographic and functional furnishings at the service of children. Our products are a perfect mix of quality, cost, ecological awareness, play, design and safety.

How they’re made

All Kiddin products are made exclusively in plywood with low formaldehyde content and in solid wood, treated with oils and water-based paints. They are born from the wisdom and care of craftsmanship and evolve to adapt to the most modern production systems to guarantee the highest quality in manufacturing at an affordable price. Furniture are designed to be easily assembled by anyone. Each theme is composed of some basic elements and others that can be implemented over time, according to a flexible design suitable to the child and his growth.

How to buy them

Kiddin is a constantly evolving project that brings together artisan experience with industrial research. Today Kiddin is based on close collaboration with families. If you are interested in buying one of our products or receiving more information, contact us here.

What gets you home

Our furniture will arrive at your home in flat packs optimized to reduce the cost of transport. For each complete room purchased, you will receive a surprise themed with the set you have chosen.

How to assemble

A Kiddin room is a great construction game for the whole family. The furniture have been developed to be assembled easily and intuitively. Everything is designed to come to life quickly, and without stress. Once assembled, parents will have the satisfaction of having built something for their children. If you prefer, an installation service is available.