If I shake a forest very strongly, who knows how many gnomes and fairies and treasures will fly away in the air.

The perfect retreat for daily enchantment.

Furniture-scenography inspired by magical tree houses, which we all dreamed of as children. Where lawns become bookcases and vegetation hides wonderful animals.

And for free the seeds to make tomorrow’s green grow.



Dimensions: 202×91 h 248, recommended mattress 80×190.

– The structure is made of poplar plywood with a joint system and equipped with fixing bolts.

– The trunk is the main element with holes to be used as game holders, books and hiding places, a ceiling floor fixing system, the branches are modular.

–  The customer can mount them as they wish with the types of canopy branches.

–  The tree-house bed has a suspended bed / house and free play space below, or play space above and below bed, or double bed.

–  The tree structure has container spaces.


You can choose to buy just the house without the tree!

For free: seeds to be planted together in the family, with instructions to make them grow together with your child!

Spec Sheet - Bed
Spec Sheet - Tree


–  Dimensions: cm 90×45 h from 50 to 75 cm.

–  Desk for the lumberjack with vise, objects / tools and height adjustable according to the height of the child made of plywood.

Spec Sheet


–  Dimensions: 60×40 h from 30 to 60 cm.

–  Game container on wheels with frontal bookcase in Montessori style with frontal lawn theme.

Spec Sheet


– Dimensions: h medium module 50 cm.

– System of thin lawn effect panels to be fixed to the wall.

– Can be a decoration or become the lower headboard of the same set.

Also sold as single furniture!

Spec Sheet


Are you Kiddin me?