Kiddin is….

Children’s rooms are not only the places where they go to sleep, but it is where they study, read, play with friends, daydream and secretly guard their fantasy world. So designing their space is essential. Designing rooms for children thus means creating a space that satisfies all these functions and above all, stimulates their creativity. The furnishing of their space has a considerable importance for the child’s growth.



We believe that parents and children can build together their corner of daily magic. That’s why Kiddin is much more than a simple “bedroom to assemble”: it’s the construction game of family space, which will offer children the thrill of creating an enchanted place to live and provide parents with the satisfaction of having shown concretely to their children that every dream is a project, and every project can become reality.



If children could  design their own daily space by themselves, they would construct it as a place where creative stimuli are endless, a constant adventure, “open” and “accessible”. That’s why while designing Kiddin we decided to let ourselves be guided by a single imperative: power to fantasy, every single day.



We love play and imagination, but our priority is also quality and safety: that’s why for Kiddin we take care of every detail to make solid but also light furniture,  shapes that are suggestive but also easy to clean, games and attractions that are fun but safe. The whole family’s peace of mind is our primordial rule: Kiddin is above all a living space.

Are you Kiddin me?