KIDDIN! is a project by Cifra Studio snc of Valeria Cifarelli and Davide Rampanelli. Friends since university at the Polytechnic of Milan, they have been working together for 15 years developing design projects, crafts, partecipative construction, and urban regeneration using recycled materials.


Valeria Cifarelli


Born and raised in the sun and the sea of Taranto in the South of Italy, Valeria Cifarelli graduated in Architecture. One afternoon after visiting an exhibition about Charles & Ray Eames works she was impressed by the synergies between design and manual work. Something started there. She’s punctual, orderly, open and determined. Her favourite word is empathy. In 2003 she founded the Laboratorio Controprogetto snc, a craft design and experimental laboratory, where she worked for 15 years developing design and manual work techniques. She is interested in music, cinema and physiognomy, she has a similarity in mind for every face she meets. She decided to create Kiddin because she loves the imagination and the research that kid’s world can generate and obviously she loves children.

Davide Rampanelli 


Born and raised in Milan. He graduated in Design at the Politecnico di Milano in 2002 after studying for a year in Weimar (Bauhauds school) and discovering the culture and pleasure of doing. He founded Controprogetto laboratory in 2003 and worked ther for 15 years developing recycle design projetcs and partecipated projects. At the beginning of 2018 he founded Cifra Studio snc and gave life to Kiddin. He is a free, cheerful and enthusiastic spirit, his mind is always on the move searching solutions to make everything possible. Father of two, growing up them through high contact education method, he decided to found Kiddin when his daughter asked him for a plane-shaped bed and had a lot of fun creating it.